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41st ABS Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA – 2017

The Age We Live In  Robert Henderson (Vimeo video)

Recognizing Bahá’u’lláh on the Bicentenary of His Birth  Hooper Dunbar (Vimeo video)

Panel – Reflections on Race: Exploring the Relationship between Justice and Oneness
with Mariam Ashtiani, Zhaleh Boyd, Nanabah Bulman, and Robin Chandler (Vimeo video)

The Beautiful Struggle: Understanding Racism and Transforming Words into Deeds  Ruha Benjamin  (Vimeo video)

Asking Questions about Income Inequality and the Aspirations of Ordinary People  Holly Hanson (Vimeo video)

Race, Gender and Immigration: Working Towards Equality Layli Miller-Muro (Vimeo video)

40th ABS Annual Conference, Montreal, QC – 2016

The Intellectual Life of the Bahá’í Community – The 34th Hasan M. Balyuzi Memorial Lecture  Farzam Arbab (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

Advancing in Bahá’í-Inspired Education  Sona Arbab (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

Panel: Technologies and Values
with Mark Towfiq, Mitra Naeimi Solomon, and Matthew Weinberg (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

Panel: Citizenship and Participation
with Arash Abizadeh, Gerald Filson, Afsoon Houshidari, and Carl Murrell (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

“The Word that Shineth and Flasheth Amidst the Books of Men”: Text, Translation, and the Nature of Reality  Steven Phelps (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

Panel: Social Justice and Education
with Chitra Golestani, Shabnam Koirala-Azad, and Elena Toukan (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

Reflections on Engagement in Discourses at the International Level  Bani Dugal (Vimeo video or audio mp3)

39th ABS Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA – 2015


Bahá’í Participation in the Public Sphere: Considerations Related to History, Concepts, and Approaches   Shahriar Razavi (Vimeo video)

Panel: The Role of Religion in Society
with Julia Berger, Emily Goshey, Benjamin Schewel, and Matthew Weinberg (moderator) (Vimeo video)

Plenary Panel: From Self Interest to Altruism
with Navid Sabet, Sahar Sattarzadeh, Ryan Siegel, and Mojgan Sami (moderator) (Vimeo video)

Nature and Dynamics of Oppression, Empowerment, and Battle against Oppression Nader Saiedi (Vimeo video)

Striving for Human Rights in an Age of Religious Extremism – The 33rd Hasan Balyuzi Lecture Nazila Ghanea (Vimeo video)

Epiphany of the Prophets John S. Hatcher (Vimeo video)

EBBF Jenna Nicholas (Vimeo video)

38th ABS Annual Conference, Toronto, ON – 2014

Toward a Framework for Action Paul Lample (Vimeo video)

Learning to Read Social Reality in the Light of the Revelation Haleh Arbab (Vimeo video)

The Evolving Role of Bahá’í Scholarship – The 32nd Hasan Balyuzi Lecture   Vahid Rafati (Vimeo video)

Re-Telling Reconciliation Roshan Danesh (Vimeo video)

Panel: Exploring the Humanities (Vimeo video)
includes  Reading Utopias: From Dichotomy to Complementarity   Elham Afnan
                 Global History and the Oneness of Humanity    Susan Maneck
                Reading Philosophy in a New Culture of Learning   Gerald Filson

Panel: Exploring the Natural and Life Sciences (Vimeo video)

includes “Let Your Vision be World-Embracing” – Why Health Sciences and Bioethics? Elizabeth Bowen
                The Human Mind and Its Interaction with the World   Kamran Sedig
               Natural Sciences and Society   Arthur Dahl

Panel: Exploring the Social Sciences (Vimeo video)

includes  The Prospect of Collective Action in Political Science   Geoffrey Cameron
Discourse Matters: The Potential of Qualitative Sociology to Illumine Bahá’í Studies   Deborah van den Hoonaard
Challenges for Social Science from the Perspective of Urban Practice   June Thomas

37th ABS Annual Conference, Irvine, CA – 2013

The Ocean of Revelation: Dynamic Source of All Learning  Hooper Dunbar (Vimeo video)

What Are Bahá’ís Learning from Working in Fragile War-Torn States?  Andy Tamas and Vasu Mohan (Vimeo video)

Knowledge into Action: The Bahá’í Imperative to Serve Humanity – The 31st Hasan Balyuzi Lecture   Layli Miller-Muro (Vimeo video)

Reading, Analyzing and Transforming Reality through Participatory Research Shabnam Koirala-Azad (Vimeo video)

Generation of Knowledge and Collective Learning in Action   Borna Noureddin (Vimeo video)

Generation of Knowledge and Evolution of Thought, Public Opinion and Policy through Engagement with Wider Society Farida Vahedi (Vimeo video)

Justice, Reconciliation, and the Future of Iran Payam Akhavan (Vimeo video)

Co-Generating Knowledge through Action-Research: Field Experiments in Behavioral Economics Nava Ashraf  (Vimeo video)

Fine Tuning Your Emotional Intelligence with the Help of Baha’i Prayer – Part 1  and Part 2  Keyvan Geula   (YouTube videos)

33rd ABS Annual Conference, Washington, DC – 2009

Transforming Environments from the Inside Out  Arthur Lyon Dahl   (audio)

Presentation by member of the Continental Board of Counsellors for the Americas  Ann Boyles (audio and notes)

The Essential Role of Religion in Fostering a Sustainable World  Peter Adriance  (audio)

Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy  Peter Brown  (audio)

Collective Consciousness, Human Maturity, and the Challenge of Sustainability   Arthur Lyon Dahl   (audio)

Collective Consciousness, Human Maturity, and the Challenge of Sustainability (Q&A)    (audio)

32nd ABS Annual Conference, San Diego, CA – 2008

Learning and the Unfoldment of the Bahá’í Community – Member of the Universal House of Justice, Paul Lample  (audio and text)

31st ABS Annual Conference, Toronto, ON – 2007

Generation of Knowledge and the Advancement of Civilization – Dr. Haleh Arbab (text)

30th ABS Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA – 2006

The Scholar and the Plan – Continental Counsellor, Farzin Aghdasi (audio)

Education, Scholarship, and Global Civilization – Dr. Peter Khan (text) and (audio)

29th ABS Annual Conference, Cambridge, MA – 2005

The 23rd Hasan M. Balyuzi Lecture – John S. Hatcher

Unveiling the Huri of Love, part 1 (audio)
 Unveiling the Huri of Love, part 2 (audio)
 Presentation slides (Powerpoint)

That ‘Eureka’ Moment: The Role of Reflection and Inspiration in Scientific Discovery – Dr. Redwan Moqbel (audio)

Conference Opening Remarks – Stephen Birkland (audio)

Mind and Spirit: Convergence of Neuroscience and Revealed Knowledge – Dr. Faraneh Varqa-Khadem (audio)

The Bahá’í Community and the Life of the Mind – Douglas Martin (audio)

28th ABS Annual Conference, Calgary, AB – 2004

The 22nd Hasan M. Balyuzi Lecture – Ali Nakhjavani

Shoghi Effendi’s Ten Year Crusade – Climax of His Ministry (part 1, audio)
 Shoghi Effendi’s Ten Year Crusade – Climax of His Ministry (part 2, audio)
 Edited transcript published in The Journal of Bahá’í Studies (text)

Recollections of Ruhiyyih Khanum – Violette Nakhjavani (audio)

27th ABS Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA – 2003

Some Thoughts about Scholarship and Learning in a Far-from-Equilibrium State – Continental Counsellor, Stephen Berkland (audio)

1sth ABS Annual Conference, Bolton, ON – 1976

Apathy and Violence – Dr. Hossain Danesh (text)

La Realité du monde exterieur et l’existence de Dieu – Luc Dion (text)

Auguste Forel: His Life and Enlightenment – Dr. Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian (text)

Science and the Bahá’í Faith – Dr. William S. Hatcher (text)