March 27, 2014
Webinar with Shabnam Mogharabi

To watch a recording of this session, please follow this link.

Did you watch Caine’s Arcade? Remember KONY 2012? What about Kid President? All three videos inspired millions into action. Today, the arts online are about more than watching entertaining cat videos on YouTube. Talented artists are posting online content with uplifting, spiritual messages that both change perceptions and inspire action. This multimedia presentation explores how passionate, Bahá’í-inspired creative companies and filmmakers use social networking platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Kickstarter, HitRecord, Vine, etc. to inspire and activate change. The presentation also discusses the importance of art in advancing the collective consciousness of society, our youth, and mankind as a whole.

Shabnam Mogharabiis an owner and Executive Producer at SoulPancake, actor Rainn Wilson’s media/production company that explores life’s big questions through art and creativity. SoulPancake posts thoughtful, uplifting videos daily to its premium YouTube channel, and now develops content for television, events, and major brands.