Thursday, May 19 2016
Webinar with Lawrence Miller

The relationship between money or financial/material assets and the size and success of a business is not what it used to be. Other forms of “cultural capital” are now considered more important than money. Businesses that prosper in the future will master the skills of employing and growing cultural capital which is comprised of spiritual, social, and human assets. In this presentation, Mr. Miller will explain how we are moving away from an economy based on materialism, toward one based on the development of spiritual, social and human capital. Your personal success will be determined by your own development of these assets.

Lawrence Miller has been consulting with major corporations on their culture and leadership with emphasis on developing team based, highly participative, organizations for the past forty years. He is the author of ten books on leadership and management, including Spiritual Enterprise: Building Your Business in the Spirit of Service, published by George Ronald. His website is