Thursday, January 21 2016 – 8:00 pm EST
Webinar with Shaheen Tedjarati

To watch a recording of this session, please visit our Vimeo channel.

Principled leadership and management are among the most important topics and ultimate goals for our own lives, organizations and governments worldwide. History and research prove that principled and moral based leadership are the cornerstone of successful people, organizations and societies, failure and paucity of which has serious implications.

Shoghi Effendi is a bewildering example of a young leader who accomplished feats in 36 years of His ministry that defied all odds and amazes and will continue to do for many years, students of leadership and management. His gift was not just inspiration but rather a methodical, principled, consistent approach to management and leadership that carried a fledgling community and helped it blossom into a worldwide faith.

We will review this unique angle of the life of Shoghi Effendi’s ministry within evidenced based understanding of modern day better practices of leadership and management and understand how to apply his visionary and exemplary leadership to our personal lives, work and service.

Dr. Tedjarati is an associate professor and chief of surgical GYN oncology and Robotic Surgery in New York. He has studied leadership and management extensively. He holds an MBA with emphasis on Leadership in Healthcare from Yale University and an MPH from Johns Hopkins University. His interests include lasting effects of evidenced based principled leadership and management on development of culture and its effect on direction of organizations and social corporate responsibility.