with Dr. Michael Penn.To watch a recording of the webinar, accompanied by PowerPoint slides, please visit our Vimeo channel.

Moral emotions – such as guilt, shame, regret and remorse – arise in response to self-assessments and self-reflective judgments that center upon what one has done or failed to do, or the kind of person one has become. Our work seeks to provide a philosophically sound and empirically testable conceptualization of the nature of moral emotions and endeavors to distinguish those conditions under which negative moral emotions promote adaptive, growth inducing responses (e.g., character development) and those conditions under which they lead to various untoward mental health outcomes (e.g., anxiety, depression, somatization disorders) or maladaptive character traits (sociopathic tendencies or corrosion of self respect). In this webinar we will explore the nature of moral emotions and will examine their role in moral and spiritual development. We will also attempt to relate the psychological literature on moral emotions to some of the insights into moral growth that are contained in the Baha’i writings.

MICHAEL PENN is a Professor of Psychology at Franklin & Marshall College and a licensed Clinical Psychologist. His research interests and publications include works in the pathogenesis of hope and hopelessness, morality and mental health, adolescent psychopathology, the relationship between culture and psychopathology, and the epidemiology of gender-based violence. Professor Penn is the author of Overcoming Violence against Women and Girls: The International Campaign to Eradicate a Worldwide Problem published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2003 as well as numerous academic papers and chapters. In 2004 Penn was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Administration by Governor Edward Rendell. He also serves on the Board of the Tahirih Justice Center in Washington, DC.