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The Woman Who Read Too Much: A Novel

Bahíyyih Nakhjavani (Stanford, CA: Stanford UP, 2015), 336 pages. Available at Stanford University Press and on Amazon. Reviewed by Mary Sobhani for The Journal of Bahá’í Studies.   Bahíyyih Nakhjavani’s novel The Woman Who Read Too Much is a work of literary art. Although neither the Bahá’í nor the Bábí Faiths are mentioned by name in this [...]

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The Bahá’í Philosophy of Human Nature

27.12 Kluge   The Bahá’í Philosophy of Human Nature Ian Kluge   At the beginning of The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, cognitive scientist and philosopher Steven Pinker asserts that   [e]veryone has a theory of human nature. Everyone has to anticipate the behavior of others, and that means we all need [...]

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Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation

Jennifer Harvey (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2014), 262 pages. Reviewed by Dianne Coin for The Journal of Bahá’í Studies. Adherents to the Bahá’í Faith are familiar with this verse from Bahá’u’lláh’s writings: “In this Day whatsoever serveth to reduce blindness and to increase vision is worthy of consideration. This vision acteth as the agent [...]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: An Eclipse Before Sunset

Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian (CreateSpace, 2016), 122 pages. Available at US BPT and at Reviewed by Brian Kirsh for The Journal of Bahá’í Studies. For many years, I have been inspired by the aphorism “eclipse before sunset,” first coined by Dr. Ghadirian in his 1989 article published in the Journal of Bahá’í Studies. With this simple [...]

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Learning to Draw on the Revelation in Contributing to a Discourse on Science Education

Thusrday, 18 May 2017 webinar with Emily Lample   Drawing on experiences in the dissertation work of a doctoral program, this presentation explores ways of drawing on the Revelation, and what has been described as a conceptual framework for action, in trying to contribute to the discourse on science education and community development. After some [...]

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A Way Out of No Way

Transforming Dropouts into Scholars, 1967–1977. Hussein Ahdieh and Hillary Chapman (United States: CreateSpace, 2016), 131 pages. Available at Reviewed by Donald T. Streets for The Journal of Bahá’í Studies. At first glance, A Way Out of No Way: Harlem Prep: Transforming Dropouts into Scholars, 1967–1977, by Bahá’í co-authors Dr. Hussein Ahdieh and Hillary Chapman, might mistakenly be [...]

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Shoghi Effendi through the Pilgrim’s Eye – Vol. 1

Building the Administrative Order, 1922–1952. Earl Redman (Oxford, UK: George Ronald, 2015), 472 pages. Available at George Ronald, US BDS, and Reviewed by Catherine Nash for The Journal of Bahá’í Studies. There has always been a tension between the enthusiasm versus the veracity of notes written by Haifa-bound pilgrims who shared their memories of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá or [...]

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Three Books on Self-Help and Healing

Phyllis K. Peterson, Healing the Wounded Soul (Wilmette, IL: Bahá’í Publishing, 2005), ix + 195 pages, including index and appendix. Available at US BDS and Amazon. Kim Douglas, High Desert: A Journey of Survival and Hope (Wilmette, IL: Bahá’í Publishing, 2009), ix + 270 pages, including index. Available at US BDS and Amazon. Patricia Romano [...]

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by Paul Hanley. 408 pages, Victoria, BC: Friesen Press, 2014. reviewed by Benn McGregor for The Journal of Bahá’í Studies. Available at Amazon and at Friesen Press. Paul Hanley’s book Eleven asserts that by the end of the twenty-first century, the world population will have grown to nearly eleven billion people before it plateaus. As a sixteen-year-old high [...]

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Weaving a Road to Reconciliation

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 webinar with Tara Nault and Michele Nault McIsaac You can watch a recording of this session on our Vimeo channel. This session will centre on an understanding of the Aboriginal (to be inclusive of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples as defined by the Constitution of Canada) community of Canada and [...]

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