with Drs. Judie and Michael Bopp

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Within the context of its global plans, Bahá’í communities are called to social action, defined as the application of Bahá’í principles and teachings to the issues and challenges affecting the wider society in which Bahá’í communities are embedded. This work will necessarily require a rigorous pursuit of Bahá’í scholarship, which can be defined as a process of applying spiritual principles to civilization-building endeavors. This presentation will explore the parallels between methods and outcomes of a comprehensive poverty alleviation project in northern Pakistan and the concepts and experience underpinning the application of the process of growth within the Bahá’í community worldwide.

Michael Bopp, PhD – Co-founder of the Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning; has more that thirty years experience in grassroots training, facilitating participatory development, and helping organizations to become more effective in human and community development processes; is currently involved in guiding comprehensive community planning in several Canadian Aboriginal communities.

Judie Bopp, PhD – Co-founder of the Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning; has provided capacity building, evaluation, program design and research services to government and non-government agencies in 20 countries; has co-authored a basic primer in community development, entitled Recreating the World, used in Canadian university courses.